"Knowledge itself is power."

                      - Sir Francis Bacon

Infopowered is focused on improving workplaces with practical and usable information.

Our singular objective is to arm you with knowledge that will power your success in the subject area we know best - human resource management.

What separates Infopowered from other human resource management service providers?  We're glad you asked.

Infopowered brings together the worlds of HR management, employment law, organizational behaviour, workplace training, investigations and advanced education into a one-stop shop.  We aren't just hanging out an HR services shingle; we're leading research into key workplace issues, we're drawing on real-life legal case experiences and a strong teaching background to help you make your workplace safer, happier, well balanced and more productive.

Infopowered provides practical and usable knowledge to improve workplaces.  We give you the knowledge you need to fuel your success as an employee, a manager and an organization.

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